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We use technology to change entertainment. We will deliver more free, more diverse, and more detailed content. Deliver a magical new experience to the world.

What follows is a new "Entertainment Economic Zone".

The way people live and work will change dramatically in the near future.
The time has come to devote time to something more creative. At the same time, in an age when there is no barrier between users and creators. A new cycle of consumption and creativity will accelerate the "Entertainment Economic Zone".

We will cast a spell on the daily lives of people around the world as an instigator of this new era.


  1. Being Considerate

    The cooperation of the role as an individual and the role as a team member are critical aspects in achieving a greater purpose. First and foremost, respect everyone involved. We strive to expand our community and continue to draw out the capabilities and passion of each individual.

  2. Speak with Honesty, and Be Sincere with Your Actions

    Don't hesitate to insist on what you think is right and take action. Even if you make a mistake, don't lie or make excuses. Let's pursue sincere work with the mind-set of having self-responsibility, not other’s responsibilities.

  3. Take the Extra Step

    On top of fulfilling the tasks at hand, look to keep pushing forward and make goals that are always one step ahead. With any job, go the extra mile. Be tenacious and keep striving forward to improve and accelerate growth.


We accelerate the "Entertainment Economy"

Ichikara Inc. is an entertainment startup that runs the VTuber / Virtual Liver Project "NIJISANJI" with addition to overseas VTuber businesses and other new businesses.
As a frontrunner of a new era, we deliver a new magical experience to the world through the latest technologies.
Our mission and statement, "A New Magical Experience" represents our views on the boundaries between users and creators, as well as consumption and creativity from the perspective of how people live and work. With our core values in mind, "Being Considerate", "Speak with Honesty, and Be Sincere with Your Actions", and "Take the Extra Step", we pursue the ideal form of an entertainment company that is not bound by the traditional framework of the entertainment industry.

COMPANY Company Profile

Company Name Ichikara Inc.
Date of foundation May 2nd, 2017
Location Headquarters:
Sumitomo Fudosan Akihabara Ekimae Building 10F, 300, Kanda Neribei-cho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan
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Capital Stock
(Including Additional Paid in Capital)
2,641,914,764 Yen
Representative Riku Tazumi, CEO
Main Bank MUFG Bank